360° Coaching with Carmen Miranda



I have been training with Carmen for many years.

Carmen knows my mental limits and pushes me past them. She is always focused on my form to avoid injuries and is encouraging, caring, and reliable. I am stronger, leaner, and healthier thanks to Carmen!

Maura M.


“Carmen brings expertise, enthusiasm, and energy to every session.

In our 18-plus months together, she has helped me to improve my stamina, strength, and balance. (Also my pants fit better.) I look forward to our sessions and definitely appreciate the results. (Did I mention my pants fit better?)”

Carol G.


“Working out with Carmen has been a life changer for me.

She is highly knowledgeable and skilled in developing muscles strength, core build-up, increasing endurance and releasing muscle strain. Moreover she has an amazing personality and it is truly a joy to work and train with her. She is one of the main reasons that I still exercise despite my heavy and busy schedule... thank you Carmen!!”

Matthew M.


“Working with my body in a fitness sense

feels quite loaded and emotional for me, so I knew it was important to hire someone I could trust to hold everything that came up. Carmen was sensitive and loving towards my needs and masterfully encouraged me through both the specifically catered physical exercises and the emotional energetics of this process. I felt supported and pushed to be and do more than I would have ever done on my own. Thank you, Carmen!! ❤️”

Heather M.


“I’m so thankful that I chose Carmen to guide and support me on my fitness journey.

I look forward to my workouts with her. She is professional and kind. I suffer from a fair amount of joint pain. I feel that Carmen really listens to me and takes cues from my body to tailor each of our sessions to my particular needs and concerns.

Safety comes first with Carmen and that is very important to me. Carmen constantly asks me how my body feels during our sessions and keeps a watchful eye on my form. She provides encouragement and challenges me when I need it. Carmen is quick to recognize and celebrate my improvements which is very nice, but she doesn’t coddle me.

I can happily report that my range of motion and strength have greatly improved while my joint pain has decreased. I know this is a result of my work with Carmen. I feel that this investment in my health has provided a much better result than the energy and money I spent in physical therapy. As a bonus, training sessions with Carmen are fun!”

Gisela C.


“Carmen is very knowledgeable about all of our muscles

and how to wake up the tiny fine ones that strengthen and support! I’ve been training under Carmen for approx 6mo. now and will continue to renew my sessions. Carmen is very patient and gentle.

I am aging, and with certain exercises I need to be eased in carefully. I’ve also been experiencing a slightly different workout each time so I don’t have the problem of getting bored with the same routines. Carmen keeps it personalized, gentle, yet when she see’s fit she will increase the duration or the intensity to make it more challenging, always in the most gentlest method that gets me breaking sweat without feeling out of breath.

That’s why I’ll continue to work with her! She is by far the best trainer for me, and I would highly recommend her. Thanks Carmen!”

Annanee W.


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